Monday, September 01, 2008

365 # 61: April B.

It's Labor Day, so what better person to remember than one of the fantastic women who helped my wife get through one of her own labors? The Ash and I were both struck by how young you seemed when we first met you, seeing as how you were the owner and head midwife of your own practice. Still, you inspired calm and confidence, and we really liked you and your staff, as well as the facilities, so we chose you for the birth of our second son. You had your own newborn baby with you at our first meeting. This might be considered unorthodox in some circles, but I thought it was cool, like we were getting a glimpse of your mom and midwife sides at once.

We arrived at the birth cottage on the morning of the birth day, labor several hours along. I remember feeling that sense, once again, of profound calm that you inspired. All would be well, all would happen exactly as intended, and all in its own time. For the next eight hours, you and your staff carried us through one of the gentlest and most beautiful birth experiences imaginable. Thank you.

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