Thursday, September 04, 2008

365 # 64: Nick the French Exchange Student

NICK: You, eh, like zees band? Zees Rage Against the Machine?

HOLMES: Yeah man. You?

NICK: Oh yes, I like zees band very very much.

Or something like that. So it was that we became sort of like friends, and that my partner for my second dose of live RATM goodness was an aloof Frenchman who never stopped smoking. I remember running into you in the mosh pit, and all that relaxed cool had vanished. "Zees ees great!" Then you disappeared back into the roiling sea of humanity.

I hate to tell you this man, but you know that great big open field where we saw that show? Not so open anymore. It's now covered over with acres of shopping convenience. I keep thinking that the voices of all those concerts past will have some kind of Poltergeist affect on the place, but the power of consumerism must be keeping the voices at bay.

My apologies if I exaggerated your accent in the dialogue above. Your English was a billion times better than my French.

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Anonymous said...

there is something soooo sad and disgusting about what happened to southpark meadows. *sniff*