Wednesday, September 03, 2008

365 # 63: James of the J's

You were one of the oldest of about seven or eight siblings, all of whom had names that started with "J." This naming scheme was presumably some sort of bizarre homage to Jesus. You know, of Christ fame? I seem to recall that everybody thought you were kind of a freak, myself included, but I guess being a member of an alliteratively named brood will do that to a person. But really, some of your weirdness was actually kind of cool in retrospect. Like that time that you showed up to the church Halloween party wearing a skirt. You spent the whole night having to explain to everybody that you were dressed like the guys from Erasure. Sure, they were hardly my favorite band, but nobody else our age had the balls to wear a skirt. You didn't seem to care what anybody thought, a quality that many people don't develop until much later in life, if ever. I also recall that joke you told to the youth minister, whose wife happened to be a cute little blonde:

JAMES: Why do blonde women, er, wives, have big bellybuttons?

YM: (looking nervously at his wife) Uh, why?

JAMES: Because they have blonde boyf, er, husbands!

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