Wednesday, September 24, 2008

365 # 80: Varick F.

You were interviewing me for a job, one which, I might add, did not require all that much in the way of mental math skills.

VARICK: So, what's twenty-five times twenty-five?

ME: Six-hundred twenty-five.

VARICK: Allright. What's twenty-six times twenty-six?

ME: (thinks for a few seconds) Six-hundred seventy-six.

Varick takes a moment to work it out on paper, eyeing me suspiciously the whole time.

VARICK: Nope, not quite. Okay, I'll send the next guy in to finish up the interview. Nice to meet you!

You left the paper upon which you had performed your calculations on the table in front of me. After you left, I pulled the paper over and checked your work. I had been right! I was going to be pissed if I didn't get a job because you sucked at math.


Tim said...

Considering anytime I had to do math at that job I had access to Windows calculator I'd say that there is absolutely no reason to for those questions.

Tim said...

But I should also point out that it was one of the few jobs that would hire recent college grads with theater degrees for $25k/year so putting up with a few math questions was worth it.

Brett W said...

He thought that interview question was so clever...