Tuesday, September 09, 2008

365 # 69: Mr. Kessler

2:32. That's what time school let out, the time at which your sixth period biology class adjourned each day, the time that the clock on your wall ever so slowly wound its way around to no matter how strongly I willed it to move faster. It's not that I didn't find the subject matter interesting, because I really did. Especially when we got to dissect shit. It's simply that teenagers are impatient and your class happened to fall at the end of the day. You had little patience for gum chewing or people sleeping in class, but you had a cheerful and mild-mannered way of dealing with offenses. Except in one particular case, you chose to be a bit more passive. I once awoke at my desk to find myself completely alone in your classroom, all the lights off, no idea how long I'd been out. I raced down the nearly empty hallway and ran outside, but it was all in vain: I'd missed my bus. Would that qualify as passive-aggressive on your part?

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zeghsy said...

um. yes.