Saturday, September 13, 2008

365 # 72: Emily R.

You and I were fellow mailroom monkeys, working together to keep the mail a'circulatin' at the law firm where we both worked during college. Your vision for your future included law school followed by a career fighting for the poor and down-trodden with the law and your wits as your only weapons. As idealistic as it sounded, I should have been totally stoked for you, but by that time, my vision of the legal profession was somewhat jaded, and I half-joked that you would graduate law school only to go on to slave away in a firm much like the one that currently employed us. And so you bet me - big time corporate law: I win vs. poor, down-trodden, and lots of pro bono: you win. As it turns out, you went on to help victims of domestic violence in the courtroom. I gladly concede defeat.

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