Sunday, August 31, 2008

365 # 60: Shayne B.

In the pages of this blog, you have heretofore been referenced as "Hip-hop Show Buddy", though it should be noted that such events are hardly the only time we ever hang out. Still, we've managed to catch a few good ones together, you bald freak, you. You're the only friend I have with whom I can have an extensive conversation that we both punctuate with copious hip-hop references, and be certain that you'll/I'll catch the majority of it. And that, my man, is an awesome thing to have in one's life.

You're yet another one of those people that I'm happy to no longer be the boss of. It's kind of weird now that I ever was in a position to tell you what to do, especially since you A) are several years older than me, and B) take work a lot more seriously than I do, both facts that I give you endless shit over. We've been friends now for a good 8 years and some change, had a hell of a lot of fun, bitched endlessly about work, and talked each other through various relationship issues we've had along the way. There was usually beer involved.

I remember this one party that The Ash and I hosted at our old house in our pre-kid days. You and your wife were in attendance. About 2 in the morning, you and I decided that the absolute most perfect thing in the world would be to hear "99 Problems" at full fucking volume. We managed to piss off both our ladies at the same time. But really, if you can't play "99 Problems" at full blast in the middle of the night, is that really a world worth living in? I ask you.

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