Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Still Miss Someone

This morning, I dropped The Ash off at the airport so she could catch a plane to the grand metropolis of Midland, Texas. I myself have personally never been to Midland, so it remains little more than an idea to me, the idea of Midland, the Texas that is that is the antithesis of Austin. It's as if Texas is Two-Face, with Austin on the one side and Midland on the other...and I'll leave it unspoken as to which side is which.

But she is off and away, and so she shall remain until this Friday night. It's some kind of conference thing for her job where she's supposed to get training and schmooze and hand out business cards and such. In my imagination, it involves lots of power suits and stiletto heels and big deals made over steaks and cigars and briefcases full of cash. Like, right now in my imaginary conference, Ash is buying some dude a stripper while shoving a contract in front of his face. I know it's nothing like that, but my imagination gets away from me sometimes, and who am I to argue with it? Nobody, that's who.

So yes, I'm single dad for the next couple of days...but not really. The boys still stay with their grandparents during the day while I head off to Tosche Station to peddle my power converters. Thus, this bout of single dadhood is limited to the evenings. Still, it's always remarkably rewarding to get both kids conked out in their beds all by myself, and then hear nothing but a nice quiet house. I miss my wife, and I know the boys do too, especially Henry, who made it pretty clear that he would prefer to have Mama putting him to sleep instead of me.

Ah well. We only gotta make it to Friday.

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Whit said...

I'm pretty used to being alone with the boys, but at least I know my wife will be home at some point. This past week she had to stay at her parents and I was all boys all the time. I didn't think it would be that different, but it was.

I've always thought of Texas that way, too, but in my version Midland was actually everywhere but Austin.