Saturday, July 12, 2008

365 # 12: Cynthia D.

T'was the decade before 2000 and all through high schools,
There was this music called alternative that all the white kids were listening to...

So that rhyme didn't flow as nicely as I would've liked, but I still think you probably would've found it funny. You're the first person that ever responded "alternative" when I asked what kind of music you liked. I didn't know what the hell you were talking about at the time, and in truth, I still think it's kind of a dumb label. In fact, I remember asking you, what the hell makes it alternative? Alternative to what? Couldn't you say that all music is alternative? Oh, you mean this stuff? Well why isn't it just rock? Or metal? Cuz this sounds like rock and/or metal to me.

I'm pretty sure you rolled your eyes at me when I asked questions like that. Who was this child, this dumb kid who was a whole 1 year younger than you who dared question your musical knowledge? After that, you probably ordered me to sing. That was a very strange habit of yours. In the middle of conversations, from completely out of nowhere, you would suddenly command me to sing. With an exclamation point and everything. Did I ever oblige? I don't think so.

Oh yeah, you were on the diving team at your school, and every year you gave me one of your pictures, which I gladly carried around in my wallet because hey, who am I to turn down a picture of a cute girl in a swimsuit?


Julie said...

I just had to comment that thanks for always keeping your remembrances of folks positive. I always enjoy reading them and I feel like you give me really good snapshots of who these people are and how they added to your life.
I've been reading some other people's versions of the 365 and they seem to remember a lot of people that "done them wrong" or something, which doesn't seem constructive nor what this whole thing is about.
I'm sure you'll run out of people who had a positive influence on your life at one point, but I think it's cool that you are remembering the ones that you were friends with first. That's who I'd remember.

sybil law said...

I truly love reading these!