Friday, July 18, 2008

365 # 18: Stewart M.

Man, I really hope you're still alive. We met in first grade, and you were already experiencing frequent health issues, and they seemed to keep up pretty steady all the way through middle school. If you are still walking this planet, I hope you're doing some kind of badass work involving your immense artistic and technical talents. Like designing the robots that will be our future overlords.

You were the first kid I knew that could draw. Even back in first grade, the stuff you churned out was awe-inspiring to the rest of us, though your subject matter back then was pretty much limited to superheroes and all things militarily vehicular. Oh, and those ninja training rooms! I don't know what inspired you to draw those, but I loved them. Immense underground caverns loaded with deadly booby traps through which would-be ninjas, clad in black, white, or red, had to pass. Flame-throwers, giant saw blades, machine guns, grenades...these were but a few of the tests that your two-dimensional subjects had to get past if they were to be true ninja. Not to mention other ninjas. I tried drawing some myself, and you always offered advice and encouragement, even though mine were not nearly as cool as yours.

For my birthday one year, you drew the ninja training room to end all ninja training rooms, and gave it to me for a present. You had clearly put a lot more time and care into this one than usual. It was my favorite present that year. Thanks again.

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