Sunday, July 13, 2008

365 # 13: Terry K.

Our tee ball team was called the Beetles, and our uniforms were bright green with white lettering. We won first place that year, which meant we all got trophies that were nearly as big as our pint-sized selves. I can remember the team photo in my head. We must have been facing towards the sun because everybody in the picture was squinting.

You and I were both the only children of single moms. I'd wager that our friendship came about because our moms started talking one day, either in the bleachers at a game or sitting on the sidelines at practice. They must have discovered that they had a few things in common and became something like friends, which meant you and I were destined to do the same. We spent many a night over at each other's houses, usually playing Star Wars, He-Man, G.I. Joe, or some combination thereof, because really, who says Jedis can't fight against Cobra? And speaking of Jedis, do you remember the day our moms took us to see "Return of the Jedi?" Holy crap, we could barely contain ourselves. Shortly thereafter, our moms armed the both of us with plastic lightsabers, which we employed in many a sidewalk battle. Of course, we went a little outside of the fighting style depicted in the movies by incorporating trash can lids as shields, but such was our right as little boys with big imaginations.

And speaking of imaginations, remember that whole aliens thing? Between you, me, and my other friend Chad, we were all convinced that there were aliens infiltrating various areas in and around our homes. We even had names for some of them. It would appear that their plans for takeover have not yet come to fruition. Or have they?

I remember having an understanding that you and I were somewhat unique from other kids because we lived at home with our moms and didn't have dads. Except that wasn't completely true because you spent some of your weekends with your dad, which seemed really weird to me since my own dad was so completely out of the picture. It didn't quite make sense to me that you lived one place most of the time, but occasionally you took up residence in some other place. It makes much better sense now.

I wonder if you still have your old Star Wars toys, or if you've sold them on eBay.

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sybil law said...

I SO had those lightsabers!
Oh... good times, indeed.