Wednesday, July 30, 2008

365 # 30: Melissa M.

Damn, girl, you had me fooled with a capital FOOL. You seemed like a nice enough...well no, let's be real here, "nice" isn't exactly the right word to describe you. But you were cool towards me, and I found the particular brand of rudeness that you practiced to be pretty amusing most of the time. Between delivering faxes and memorandums en octuplicate we took all too frequent smoke breaks together on the loading dock of the building where we worked as lowly mailroom mugs. You and I may have been the only two who weren't planning on going to law school. I liked hanging out with you, and had I not been in a relationship at the time, I probably would have worked up the nerve to ask you out on one of those date thingies. Thank GOD that didn't happen because when you put in your two weeks at the law firm, it was because you'd gotten a job working for the campaign of none other George W. Motherfucking Bush. I was shocked! I didn't even believe you when you told me where you were going, and was certain that you were carrying on some kind of long-running gag until I saw the bumper sticker on your car. Talk about having your image of someone totally flipped on its ass. Sometimes when I think of the shit that's happened to this country over the last eight years, I blame it all on you, rational or not. I hope you're happy.

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