Saturday, July 19, 2008

365 # 19: Girl Who Slapped Me

Dammit! It is KILLING me that I can't remember your name. We got partnered up in acting class to improvise a scene of a couple having an argument. We practiced it a few times on our own and tried going a few different directions with it, but then all that flew out the window when we got in front of the class and launched into a full-blown screaming match. Of course, the class totally responded to it because everybody likes a good fight. The only logical way to conclude the scene was with a good bump-set-spike: witty insult, wittier retort, slap. And girl, you did NOT hold back. It was awesome.

Update: Monica! Your name was Monica. Yay memory banks.

1 comment:

sybil law said...

I like a girl who can slap. :)
I'm reading all of these, even if I'm not commenting on them all, but I still love it. :)