Friday, July 25, 2008

365 # 25: Nick the Telephone Rap Evangelist

Not content with just leaving a message on somebody's answering machine, you'd freestyle until the tape ran out. And even though it was off the cuff, every rhyme was golden. Hence that nickname up there. Sometimes during conversations, I remember there were times where it seemed like you'd gone off into a flow, but that was just how you talked sometimes. A rhyme animal of a quiet nature.

I had the pleasure of once sitting down with you when we both had guitars in our hands. We jammed some blues for a while, nodding, smiling as we played. You said, "I like that man" and I reciprocated sincerely. That was back when I was in practice.

I remember a bunch of us were sitting around playing Kings one night. You drew a 10, which meant you got to choose a category. You chose wack MC's. I think we went around the table for an hour before we ran out of names.

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nic said...

Is that right? Wow - thanks for remembering!