Wednesday, July 23, 2008

365 # 23: Jonathan M.

You know that saying about how work is called "work" because you go to work to do work, not to play or have fun or slack or engage in anything remotely pleasurable, because if you went to work for any of that stuff, it wouldn't be called "work", it'd be called "playtime" or "happy lazy goodness with comfy chairs" or "eight hours of sheer elation and oh yeah there's beer and hot girls" or something along those lines? Yeah, I hate that saying too, however it actually goes.

But sometimes at work you meet people with whom you sorta connect. Maybe you'll be talking about some work related nonsense, and somewhere in there you start talking about cool stuff and pretty soon you've completely abandoned the topic of work and you're talking exclusively about cool stuff, and it's like, "hey look, this dude's totally cool!" and next thing you know, you're like friends who happen to work at the same place. Every now and then you have to talk about work shit, but you get that ugliness outta the way quick, and usually with a smirk.

Such was the type of coworker you turned out to be, my man. I don't think we went from the topic of work to the meaning of life in one jump, but we got there pretty quick. Ramblers are not typically listeners, but you're one of those rare types who can not only ramble on with all of his own crazy ideas about every little thing, but you also had the capacity to listen to other people's jibber-jabber. You often talked with such a fervor that I got the feeling you didn't get too many audiences.

I was sad when you moved off to California, but you said you felt an intense pull to get there. I hope you found whatever you were looking for out there.

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