Thursday, August 28, 2008

Four years

So it's true: I did not post yesterday. No recollections, fond or otherwise, of some old friend, ancient enemy, impossible crush, wise elder, or anybody else for your perusal. But that, my friends, is because yesterday was the 4th anniversary of the day that my Ash and I swore up and down in front of God and everybody that we would be husband and wife. I had thought I would toss something up here yesterday about it, but you know what I did instead? You know what I did, huh, huh? You'll never guess. I went ahead and used yesterday's free time to actually enjoy celebrating with my wife instead of blogging about the thing I was gonna be celebrating. And I wrote words that were just for her, not for the internets. I still haven't figured out how to do a thing and blog about it at the same time and give both equal attention, though I think it's less my shortcoming and more the lack of available liveblogging direct-from-the-brainwaves dictation technology. Which kinda sucks because my posts always sound better in my head.

But yes, four years of marriage we've made it through. It feels like we've done so much, and yet that timespan, four years, it sounds so short. I'm lucky to have had these years with this woman, and to have the promise of more in front of me. I gots love in my life, and it's a beautiful thing. I wish the same for every one of you.


MetroDad said...

Happy anniversary, my friend! Cheers to many more years of health and happiness together.

And remember---if a tree falls in the forest and nobody blogs about it, it doesn't mean that the tree didn't fall!

Whit said...

Happy anniversary! You can post all the more on the morrow.

Dan said...

Using free time to do stuff rather than blog? This concept intrigues me.

Happy anniversary.

Bubblewench said...

Happy Late anniversary! Glad you spent it with her and not the computer.