Wednesday, August 20, 2008

365 # 51: Howie

Apparently, the Social Facilitator position that you occupied for a short time at the co-op where we were living was supposed to contain some sort of educational component. I guess you were supposed to set up events where people could get socialized and educated all at the same time. You kind of ignored that side of your job, opting instead to just pick up a keg every now and then and announce to the whole house to come hang out on the sun deck after dinner. Social facilitating at its finest, and it was totally cool with me and most of the other residents. Hell, I was glad to give you a ride to the beer store so we could bring the keg back in my truck. I liked how you called every store "the beer store" if we were going there to get beer. Grocery store? Beer store. Gas station? Beer store. If the library sold beer, it would've been the beer store. You know man, I'm thinking libraries should sell beer.

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sybil law said...

Beer store. Me likey.