Friday, August 01, 2008

365 # 32: Mr. Wood

Was it fifth or sixth grade that I was in your class? I can't even remember which subjects you taught, but I do remember that you directed our class play. I think that means that you get credit for originally introducing me to the dramatic arts. You cast me as the villain, a dark figure clad all in black, including a black cape, bushy black mustache, and black hat. Yes, at 4'6", I must have been quite frightening. I must have been complaining about having to play the bad guy because I have this very clear memory of you, with that jolly twinkle in your eye, telling me "But it's always more fun to play the bad guy." And it was as if something clicked into place. Of course, I thought, of course it's more fun to be the bad guy. Yeeeeeessss.

I've only had the chance to play the part of a "bad" guy a couple of times since then, but those have by far been the juiciest roles I've ever had. Thanks for helping me to understand that the dark side can be a real barrel of giggles.

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