Saturday, August 23, 2008

365 # 54: Jamie H.

9th grade: my first foray into the institution of public school. I had gone to private school up until then, and was now entering an educational facility approximately 10 times larger than any I had previously experienced. I knew all of one person, and I had not a single class with him. You're one of the very first people I remember meeting my first day of school when you sat in front of me in first period history class. You were on drill team, then later became a cheerleader, loved to sing in all of the musicals that I despised (yet still ran lights for), and you ran in all of the accompanying crowds. In other words, you were sort of a bizarro me. In spite of that, we still managed to be friends through all four years of high school. In a setting that is so rife with divisions and categorizations, it's always nice when people can just shut up and be friends with one another.

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