Friday, August 29, 2008

365 # 58: Clint L.

Okay, now technically, I didn't steal your girlfriend. I didn't even know that the two of you had ever dated, much less that you hadn't actually completely broken up when she and I started getting friendly. In fact, it came as a total surprise when she sprang that bit of news on me. "You were/are dating WHO?" I wonder if that should have been a sign. It's not that you were particularly huge or strong or anything. It's just that you were kind of crazy. And it's just not wise to go head to head with crazy. That's how people get cut.

I knew I would have to face you the next morning since you sat in front of me in Mr. Pecoraro's chemistry class. You sauntered in several minutes late, eyeballing me the whole time, which only added to my tension. After you sat down at your desk, you turned around and said something to the effect of, "So, you wanna talk about this or settle it some other way?" My first thought was "card game?"

In spite of all that fantastically teenage drama, we never ended up talking or doing anything about it, which worked out well for me since otherwise, my ass would have been grass. Glad we could work that out.

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