Wednesday, August 13, 2008

365 # 44: Eddie P.

You were the first funny kid I knew, my first encounter with a bonafide class clown. But unlike most pint-sized comedians, your delivery was dry and deadpan, never corny or goofball. I remember wondering where you learned to think up jokes so fast. Could I too acquire this skill? Would you teach me?

We went to that private Baptist school together up until sixth grade, so we learned all the same stuff about God and religion all together at the same time. Ya know, like how if you don't believe in God's eternal unconditional love for you, you'll go to Hell? Years later, Chad and I ran into you at a concert. "Man, remember how strict they used to be?" you asked. "They were all like, 'Say Jesus! SAY IT!'" Hooray for elementary school salvation anxiety.

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