Thursday, August 21, 2008

365 # 52: Yasmin K.

A moving vehicle. Our characters are in the middle of a conversation about The Flaming Lips. Please note that the conversation that actually took place may have been significantly less clever.

YASMIN: Oh my God, I love The Flaming Lips. Love them!

HOLMES: Yeah, I saw them open for Tool once.


HOLMES: I saw The Flaming Lips open for Tool once.

YASMIN: (practically spitting the word out) Tool?


YASMIN: Shut up, you did not.

HOLMES: Yes I did.

YASMIN: No you didn't.

HOLMES: Yes I did.

YASMIN: Shut up.

HOLMES: But I did.

YASMIN: (increasingly agitated) No you didn't.


YASMIN: You did not! You're lying!

HOLMES: I'm not lying!

YASMIN: The Flaming Lips?


YASMIN: Opened for fucking Tool?


YASMIN: You're lying.

HOLMES: No I'm not. I saw 'em when I was 17. It was them and this other band called Failure.

YASMIN: Failure? That's a real nice name.

HOLMES: They went on first, then The Flaming Lips, then Tool. Oh, and The Flaming Lips came out all covered in Christmas lights.

YASMIN: The Flaming Lips did not open for Tool.

HOLMES: Yes they did because I saw it.

YASMIN: No you didn't.

HOLMES: Yes I did.

YASMIN: There's no way.

HOLMES: Whaddaya mean there's no way?

YASMIN: There's no way The Flaming Lips opened for Tool.

HOLMES: Well there must be a way because it happened and I saw it.


HOLMES: I went with my friend Chad. I'll call him and he can vouch for me.

YASMIN: No he can't because it's not true.

HOLMES: I'll call him and you can ask him who we saw open for Tool when we were 17 years old.

Proceeds to dial

YASMIN: I don't believe this.

HOLMES: (into phone) Hey man, what's going on?....Hey, I need a favor real quick...I have somebody here who wants to ask you about that Tool show we saw....Yeah, here I'm gonna hand her the phone.

Hands over the phone.

YASMIN: (into phone) So I understand you saw Tool?...Uh-huh...Who opened for them?...The Flaming Lips...Are you sure?...You're sure?...I don't believe this...Okay....Okay, fine. Fine!

Shoves phone back to Holmes

HOLMES: (into phone) Allright, thank you sir....Yep, that's it....Allright.

Hangs up.

HOLMES: I told you.

YASMIN: Whatever.

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