Saturday, January 31, 2009

365 # 146: No Doubt

My son actually reminded me of you tonight. He's developed this annoying habit of shoving his plates away when he's done eating, or worse, when he doesn't want to eat what is being presented. So I told him that if he ever did that at a restaurant, he'd better be careful not to upset some crazy waitress. Not that you were crazy, but for some reason, whenever you waited on us at The Bake House, I always felt a bit intimidated. "Be nice to this one," I thought. "She'll cut you." Intimidating as you were, you were by far the cleanest least strung-out-looking employee in that place. Between the old woman with her hair dangling in the water glasses, the speed freak with the rotted teeth, and the one who liked to carry clean silverware with the table-wiping rag, you looked downright pristine. Um, what were you doing there?

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