Friday, January 16, 2009

365 # 138: Stephen G.

You sly dog. You master of the shiteating grin, you. I'm sure you had all manner of wisdom and knowledge to impart, but it seemed like you were saving it for your more important students, not us bumbling undergrads, 96% of which you figured probably wouldn't do anything with their degrees anyway, so why bother? I think the only thing I walked away from your directing class with was the idea that the director was just there Like some mysterious force for good that could offer occasional guidance and perhaps approval or disapproval. Sort of the way you ran your class.

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Julie said...

My favorite Stephen G. comment: "If you cast the right actors you can sit in the back of the theatre and do the crossword puzzle."
I don't think I learned anything from him about directing, unfortunately. Well, other than to cast the best actors you can find. Which I've always done and it's served me pretty damn well.