Monday, January 05, 2009

365 # 129: Lucas J.

You, Oanh, Jennifer, and I formed a strange foursome. An odd quad if you will, one which felt totally natural at the time, but which seems rather unlikely as I look back at us now. We vacationed together, went out together, crashed together. There's a period there where it seems like we were inseperable. You and I bonded over our love of the guitar and the music that could be made with it, though I have to confess that I found your sloppy technique really annoying. Probably a side-effect of too much metal, a musical taste which you did not share. Still, I envied your ability to sing and play all together, skills which seemed to come to you naturally. We spent many a hazy college night playing music in whichever dorm or apartment we happened to find ourselves. Sometimes Oanh and Jen would humor us and listen.

You spent a little time in jail following a hallucinogen-inspired romp through the country that included a stabbing and a declaration of your status as a divine being. Thankfully nobody died, and your freedom was only revoked for a short time. It was one of those deals where your jail time was scheduled ahead of time, and you were supposed to show up to the correctional facility of your own free will at a certain day and time of your own free will. You had told us all that you were going to jail, but we had to nag you for weeks before you would tell us what you were going in for. Easily the best "why I'm going to jail" story I've ever heard.

It sucked when you moved away. You and I and another friend were all going to move into a house together. We had grand visions of all day all night jam sessions, beer-filled fridges, parties, and just fun fun fun, all of which flew out the window when you backed out on our lease so you could move back home. I could have strangled you, especially since the next year ended up going so horribly. That year's ass suckage was only partly your fault, but I still choose to allot the biggest portion of the blame to you, dig?

Last I saw you, you were in town with your latest band. I'd love to jam with you again some time, though I should warn you, I'm horribly out of practice.

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