Thursday, January 22, 2009

365 # 142: Alison K.

We were childhood friends by virtue of the fact that our moms had been lifelong friends, and still were. Still are, in fact. We grew up into very different people, so most of my memories of us are old and a bit fuzzy, but they're mostly pretty nice. I remember we almost always went over to your house instead of mine because it had a pool, so going to see y'all meant swimming. I remember once I tossed a swim mask across the pool to you and it smacked you in the face, and you screamed like a little blonde banshee. I remember being the only boy at this big sleepover you had at your house and feeling remarkably out of place, but getting a little mini-crush on one of your friends. I remember your dad spanking both you and I once when he caught us doing something bad -- playing with the waterhose I think? Seems a bit severe. I remember being dumbfounded by all the hair band posters that you and your sister had on your bedroom walls. That's about it, and in fact I'm surprised I remember that much. Everything else is just imagery, cloudy pictures barely accessible to my conscious mind. It's cool that we were friends, but I wonder what we'd have to talk about these days.

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