Monday, January 26, 2009

365 # 143: Fudge

You always reminded me of James Spader's character in "Pretty in Pink." I know that's not a very favorable character to be compared to, but imagine if somehow, he had been sort of a nice guy and didn't think he was better than other people just because they weren't rich. Imagine if, when Andrew McCarthy had brought the lovely Molly Ringwald to the party, James had greeted her and been nice to her. Perhaps brought her a drink and chit-chatted with her throughout the evening, and then said hello to her the next Monday at school. Imagine if he had welcomed most everybody that way. That would be more like you. But still a rich party boy with that rich party boy expression frozen upon your face.

Every year at camp, you always grabbed the tent in the farthest back corner and set up the camp party area known as Fudgeland, as indicated by the sign that you set up at the entrance. This was the default gathering area many nights throughout the summer. You seemed to love being at the center of it all, all these people gathered at your place. Later back in the "real world", I went to a New Year's Eve party at your place, and you gave off the exact same vibe. I imagine the best way to drive you insane would be to put you in isolation for an extended period.

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