Thursday, December 18, 2008

365 # 122: Elana R.

I was so angry with myself when I realized I had lost you. Well, it wasn't you that I'd lost, but a drawing I had made of you, which was actually pretty good. When I remembered you and added you to the list for this x365 thing, I thought I would include it. I drew it one day in college when you and your boyfriend came over to my place so he could use my computer. Maybe you were tired or maybe you were just bored, but either way, you curled up on my bed and fell fast asleep. I've always envied people who could do that, like a cat, just find a spot and drop off to sleep for a little while. At the time, I was in a drawing class, and I had gotten into the habit of drawing any and every subject that caught my interest. Most of it was crap, a lot of it resembled the subject but had not a bit of originality about it, and a blessed few, like the one of you, actually seemed to capture a little something. When I saw you'd fallen asleep, I plunked myself down with my notepad and went to work. I even managed to get that little mole over your lip. I don't remember if I ever showed it to you or if I was too embarrassed.

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