Friday, December 05, 2008

365 # 117: Mr. H.

I haven't checked the latest figures, so I don't have an exact percentage, but I don't need comprehensive data to tell you that most kids, if given the choice, will choose the top bunk on a bunk bed. I was no exception to this rule. My mom shipped me off to my first summer camp experience with the church youth group, and you were the counselor for my group. I managed to score myself a top bunk on one of the rickety metal bunk beds.

One night, I was awakened by the impact of my head with the concrete floor. I had rolled out of the bed and landed right on my noggin. You heard me crying somewhere in the darkness of the cabin. You found me, picked me up, and carried me to the health lodge on your shoulders in the middle of the night. Betcha got a headache, huh?

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