Tuesday, December 16, 2008

365 # 121: Craig W.

Damn you, Craig. It's your fault that I can't make rude jokes about people who live in trailer parks without feeling guilty. That's because you were my friend and you lived in the trailer park down the road from my neighborhood. We met on the school bus in 9th grade. I'd gone to private school up until that point, so I didn't really know many of the kids from my 'hood that I was now sharing the bus with. You'd gone to school with 'em for the last eight years, so I don't know what your excuse was. Maybe there was some anti-trailer park sentiment going on among our busmates. Whatever it was, we spent the next few years sitting next to each other on the bus. You grew taller and goofier, while I pretty much stayed the same height and developed my smartass attitude.

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Dan said...

I've always thought there was something romantic about living in a trailer. Of course they don't quite have the same connotations over here as they do over there