Wednesday, December 10, 2008

365 # 119: Carolyn G.

You are, without a doubt, one of the finest managers I have ever had the pleasure of reporting to. I never thought I would find the business of business something to be impressed by, but I was continually impressed by you. You knew, almost as if by instinct, how to manage people, how to deal with difficult customers, and how to get crappy situations under control. On top of that, everybody on your team both liked and respected you. You seemed to care about each and every person that reported to you, both professionally and personally. When you announced to us that you were leaving for a new job at another company, you involuntarily broke into tears, and then got mad at yourself for doing so. Oh, that temper was awesome, I'm so glad I was never on the receiving end of it. I remember that time you took me with you to Toronto to meet with a client, and we missed our connecting flight at O'Hare. Oh, the string of profanity that you did let loose as watched our plane pull away. It was truly glorious. In conclusion, I don't know that I was necessarily cut out to spend my life in the business world, but I learned from you a lot of tools to help me manage my way through it.

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