Monday, April 23, 2007

You stalker, you

I always feel a bit weird when I'm looking through the Google searches that brought people to my site, and in the middle of the mundanely amusing (how to get my child to not be afraid of the soccerball) and the bizarre, even gross (no links, sorry), there are the queries that are obviously searching for me. As in this guy (points to self with thumbs). I don't assume every search for my first and last name is a search for me, as there are a few others out there, poseurs though they may be. But when ya toss in my middle name or the town I live in, it's pretty obvious. And I know it's the internet and all, and privacy ain't what it used to be, but still. You could at least delurk, drop a comment, say something. "Hi" is always nice.

Ah well. In other Google query news, it appears that I was coming up tops in at least one search:
Wonder how I beat out Hot Topic for that honor?


Jason said...

Okay, okay, I searched for the onesie! I saw Henry's and thought 'that's so cool,' then I thought, 'where can I get RATM baby merch?!?' so I Googled and lo and behold who was first? So I read the post.

I have to say I was creeped out when I saw the search for 'ratm onesie' and realized I did that search. I'm going to shut off the computer and go outside and play now.

Whit said...

It is creepy when you see something that is obviously a search for you. Makes you want to draw the blinds.

Jenn C. said...

I totally 'fessed up when I cyber-stalked you and the rest of our Fronterafest cast. You were easy to find! What's a girl to do on those rarest of rare snow days in Austin? It's the cute pictures of Henry that keep your blog in my bookmarks.

So, hi. Hope you're doing well, and that you & Ash & Henry have recovered from the stress of the Emergency Room trip!