Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sometimes I think about getting it permanently attached, but, I don't know

Overheard by certain flies on certain walls of a certain Holmes household:

ASH: I can't find my cli--...where are my fingernail clippers?

HOLMES: I thought you were about to say you can't find your clitoris.

ASH: I can't find my clitoris!

HOLMES: Is it detachable?

BOTH: (to the tune of King Missile's classic "Detachable Penis") Detachable clitoriiiiis. Detachable clitoriiis.

Aaaand scene.


Jason said...

That reminds me of a conversation my wife and I had in front of our daughter last week. Not exactly about detachable parts, but once she's repeating things, we're going to have to be more careful.

Jenny Ryan said...

I remember exactly where I was the first time I ever heard that song-walking up to the quad as an upperclassman at Wake Forest U.

Kind of an odd memory, isn't it? :P

radioactive girl said...

I used to love that song...and apparently am going to comment today on every single post you have ever written...sorry!