Thursday, April 19, 2007

Bat outta hell? Nah, just me

First off, you can breathe easy because everybody's allright. I sure as hell wouldn't be making light of the situation and using it as an excuse to play with the nifty little comic program on my new laptop if it weren't. I ran top speed out of the office and gunned it all the way back home, passing people on the shoulder and on single lane roads, praying and cursing the whole time. Made it home in record time, all the while wondering what the hell was going on. Turns out it had been an allergic reaction to some hummus that had caused the little dude's face to swell up like crazy. Not necessarily life-threatening, but the doc on the phone was concerned about his tongue swelling up and blocking his airway, so he sent us to the ER. Thankfully, the little biscuit was pretty much himself by the time we got there, even taking time out of his busy baby schedule to flirt with the cute nurse.

It was a freaky feeling, knowing there was something wrong with my kid that was bad enough to warrant the ER, but not knowing what, wondering if I was literally racing against the clock. I got a brief glimpse of something terrible, and I didn't like it. When I got home and saw my little boy up and about, you bet your ass I held him close.


Jason said...

I'm so glad it wasn't any worse than it was. I live in fear of allergic reactions, a nephew has a mild peanut allergy.

Cool comic program, too.

Whit said...

Isn't that the worst feeling.

Atticus used to have fever convulsions. The first time I was home alone and he climbed up into my arms, started shaking and rolled his eyes into the back of his head before passing out.

Needless to say I lost a few years of my life right then.

I rode in the back of the ambulance with him, holding his hand as he cried and screamed. I don't recommend it.

On a lighter note, isn't that comic program awesome. I told you the mac was great!

Tara said...

I love the comic, and really glad to hear that lil' Henry is fine. So what new laptop did you get anyhoo?