Sunday, April 22, 2007

In the midst of it all, I realized that my morning was, in fact, a blues song

(hint: click for larger version)Because really, what else is it when first thing in the morning, you realize that the less than perfect plumbing job that the previous occupants of your current dwelling did beneath your kitchen sink has now come undone, resulting in water now leaking out of the cabinets? Oh, to have a plumbing project forced upon me early on a Sunday morning, how magically delicious is that shit?

Folks, I promise I'm not going to do the comic thing on every damn posting, just gimme a few to get it out of my system and things will level off...or maybe they won't.

Oh, and just to see who's paying attention, I got great big Holmes props for the first person who can name the three blues greats pictured above. I know they're all comic-ized, but if you know 'em, you know 'em.


Julie said...

Well, I recognize Stevie Ray Vaughn, of course, and B.B. King, but I'm not sure who the third is. Can we get a clue?

Whit said...

I can't tell if #3 is Muddy or Diddly.

The Holmes said...

For the big guy in the middle, think dirty river.
For # 3, he shares a last name with a William Shatner character.

Dan said...

With big clues i got muddy waters and john lee hooker, but i would have never have got them otherwise.

Are you using ComicLife? i love that program.

The Holmes said...

Woohoo! Dan wins the Holmes props! Props to Dan.

Yep, I'm using ComicLife. I'd never be able to create these without it. I'm loving it.