Saturday, April 07, 2007

Toddler in the window

Ash calls me at work yesterday:

"Henry's standing at the window and saying 'Daddy, Daddy, Daddy' over and over again."

Ouch! I get calls like this rather frequently, and it's always a multitude of emotions. On the one hand, I'm so touched that my son misses me like that, but on the other it kind of makes my heart hurt wishing I could be there with him. Ever since Henry's started walking, I've been getting the best greetings every day when I come home from work. I get out of the car, see his face in the window and hear "Daddy!" Then when I open the door, he toddles up to me as fast as he can with a huge smile on his face and throws his arms around me. Almost...too much...can't love.

I do sometimes wish I could go the StayAtHomeDad route. The thought of it doesn't seem nearly as intimidating as it did before we had a kid. Not in the cards though. Speaking of staying at home, it looks like all the Holmes are gonna be home-bound for the weekend, seeing as how we're all sick. The sickness followed the typical pattern as of late: play group visit, Henry sick, then Ash, then me. Only the dog escapes. Ironic, seeing as how we're sick as dogs. Is there no justice?


Jason said...

There is nothing better than the greeting I get when I come home. Most of the time. Unless she's right into a show/her books/climbing somewhere high.

Bummer about spending Easter sick, sorry 'bout that. Hope it's sorta happy.

PS-that global warming post came back to bite, we got like a foot and a half of snow here Thursday. That's not supposed to happen in April-Grrrr.

Oh, The Joys said...

Aw, the serious baby love is gooooooooood.

Terri said...

That is a sweet description of the love you feel for your son!

Terri said...

That is a sweet description of the love you feel for your son!

Kelly said...

So sweet! My toddler girls have been doing the same thing lately -- I love to torture their father by calling him at work so he can hear their sad, sad calls for "Daddy!" I should knock it off -- I don't want him getting any crazy ideas about stay-at-home parenting. That job is occupied, thankyouverymuch.