Friday, April 13, 2007

not feelin to gud *blech* ugh

Behold: my very own external representation of what I and everyone in my household save the dog felt like inside and all over up until like yesterday. Amazing, isn't it? I used the well-worked actor muscles in my highly trained actor face to transform my stunningly handsome visage into the odious beast now staring back at you one-eyed and slackjawed from your monitor.

But seriously folks...we been some sick mofos around this joint. Hence my lack of bloggitude as of late.

This shit hit me last week around Thursday, which was the day after The Ash got sick, which was the day after Henry got sick, which was the same day that said Ash took said Henry to a playgroup peopled with other people's sick babies and other people's sick babies' germs, many of whom were looking for some new digs.

Now it's not that I blame people for bringing their sick kids to playgroup. Sure, if I had my 'druthers, they wouldn't do it, but I understand that sometimes grown folks need the company of other grown folks in order to maintain sanity. I got that part down. What I don't get is why in the hell little people germs have to be such relentless purveyors of destruction. I swear, playgroup sick is a whole other level from regular sick. These are mutant germs, the ones who are banned from mainstream germ society for their strange mutant powers and now go to Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Germs...the germs who haven't yet learned to control their powers. This shit moved in and stayed like some kind of occupying force and would not the fuck go away no matter how much we told it we didn't want it around.

It seems to have finally gotten the message. All Holmeses present and accounted for, and of reasonably good health. Glad to be handsome again.


Tara said...

Glad to hear that the plague has passed and that no permanent damage was done. That is one scary photo man.

Jason said...

Whoa, I thought I was at the zombie Holmes blog when I saw that picture.

Sorry about the crud, glad it's gone. I hear ya about playgroup germs. When somebody brings their sick kid to nursery/parties/wherever, I cringe. I dread Christmas and the newest reason is there is always at least one child (or adult) that is flamingly contagious. That's not what I asked Santa for.

Julie said...

I disagree about not blaming parents for bringing their sick kids to playgroup. I cannot believe parents do this! I am good and stay cooped up even though I'm going insane when Stella is sick because I don't want my friends to go through what I'm going through. But she usually picks up the germs at the church nursery or our church babysitting co-op from kids whose parents brought them even though they're sick. It makes me so mad!
But I'm glad you're all back from the dead:)

Whit said...

We're still hanging on to our mutant germs over here. I hope they leave soon. Maybe I'll drop them off at a playgroup.

yer mama said...

Dudes, I get really irritated when I see a sick child at playgroup. And I saw a FEW of them at the playgroup where we got the evil germs. I knew we were going down. I didn't expect all of us to get sick too though. And what do you do when a snotty nosed kid shows up? Grab yours and run? The little guy was having so much fun I had to take the chance. I know that when we are sick we stay inside. Spreading the goo isn't nice.

Life As I Know It said...

Glad you and the fam are all feeling better. Those nasty, superhuman kid germs get you everytime...blech.