Monday, September 04, 2006

#$%* you I won't sleep when ya tell me

Look upon these pictures my friends, look upon them and understand that the Holmes today is different from the Holmes of the past.

Henry and Dad RATM

Henry and mom RATM

See, ten years ago or so, had I seen some happy couple with their happy little baby wearing a Rage Against The Machine onesie, I think a little short circuit would have occured in my brain. "Do they think that's fucking cute?! Do they think that's clever?! How can they dress a baby up in a shirt (for I did not know the term "onesie") bearing the name of the MOST AWESOME BAND IN THE HISTORY OF EXISTENCE?!?!?! That baby doesn't know how to rage against any machines! He's too young to have learned of the evils of capitalism! He knows nothing of the suffering masses or of class warfare or of corporate greed!"

Yes, that's how seriously I took RATM and myself. Can't say I'm proud, but hey, let's dredge up a few of your past attitudes and see how well they hold up. And anyone who thinks that a baby can't rage against a machine hasn't seen Henry smash a phone and a remote control together repeatedly, as if he's trying to meld them together into one supercontroller.

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Tara said...

OMG! I read this post before, but I never read the title. Tarv, you rock.