Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More Shit I'm Tired of Hearing About

Every time I read about these so-called "values voters" I just want to punch myself in the face. These are the segments of the conservative base for whom "values" issues such as gay marriage and abortion are of highest priority. According to some blog postings and articles I've read recently, these "values voters" (and yes, I'm going to keep putting it in quotes because that's the easiest shorthand to indicate ridiculousness) are finding themselves to be a bit disillusioned with the Republican Party for not doing enough to put a stop to, that's right, gay marriage and abortion. Opine some in the various political opinion machines, these "values" folks are so unenthusiastic about the GOP that many of them will either vote against the Republicans or just not vote at all.

Stop and think about that for a second. I mean, sure it's great if it helps the Democrats gain some ground. But if in fact there are enough of these "values voters" out there to help sway an election, that means that there are masses of people in this country for whom the Republicans currently in power are simply not hardcore enough. That's like heavy metal fans who think Slayer is a bunch of pussies because they only spew ten gallons of goat's blood off of the stage instead of the thirty gallons typically spewed onto the crowd during the average Norwegian black metal show. Or it's like freestyle fighting enthusiasts who think that UFC matches are weak because the opponents can't take chainsaws into the ring.

"Values voters." Feh. Somebody tell these people that real values, the kinds without quotes, are not centered around the restriction of personal freedoms. You people make me sick.

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