Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Stuff

New things Henry's doing:

1) Sharing food:

sharing with mom

He's definitely getting better at feeding himself, as evidenced by the improvement of his mouth to floor ratio. He pretty much tried to feed the dog from the first day we put food in front of him, but just recently he's started trying to share with me and the Ash as well. Today alone, he and I fed each other banana, pasta, and peas. He seemed to find as much satisfaction in feeding me as he did with filling his belly.

2) Holy rocking crap, Henry threw up his first today. We weren't prompting or coaching or listening to Black Sabbath or anything. He just up and out of nowhere. Tragically, the camera was not in reach at the moment, but his Aunt Kiki and Uncle Alan were there to bear witness to Henry's first great moment in rock.

Oh, and not necessarily something new that Henry did, but we bought his first Halloween costume yesterday, and I think the Ash and I are both bursting at the seams to see him in it. He may just have to wear it once before Halloween arrives. Technically, this is his second Halloween, but he was only ten days old for his first one, and he insisted on dressing up as a colicky baby and he refused to leave the house.

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