Monday, April 18, 2005

Pregnancy check: moving right along

So Ashley is just over three months along in her pregnancy and she is just now starting, ever so slightly, to show a bit of the pregnant lady belly. You probably wouldn't notice it if you weren't already aware that she was knocked up, but she and I notice it, and I don't mind telling you, she makes an adorable pregnant lady. We started shopping around for some maternity clothes and found that most of what's out there is designed for septuplet-bearing Valkyries who wish to disguise themselves as veterinarian's assistants. We ended up making a trek to the other side of town to the only Old Navy in Austin that carries maternity wear, which fortunately turned out to be pretty good stuff.

One sympton that Ashley is not displaying much of is the much-noted hormone induced mood swings that everyone keeps warning me about. "Oh man, has she bitten your head off yet? See this? I lost this here thumb when my wife was carrying our first kid. I won't get into details, but I'll tell ya, if she wants the last chicken wing, you best give it to her." No, I've only seen a little bit of that action so far. I've been doing my best to be super-husband, but honestly, I attribute Ashley's sanity less to abnormally stable hormones or any effort of my own, and more to her own driving will not to be ruled by her emotions. It's this ability she's got that I really admire, especially since I myself sometimes get swept up in emotion. Still, if she wants ice cream, I get it for her.

Oh, and if you do happen to know someone who is pregnant and they appear to be a bit edgey, don't tell them that it's "just the hormones." They know that already.

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