Saturday, April 30, 2005

The children's section of the book store

It occured to me today as I stood in the children's books section at Bookpeople that I had never seen their parking lot from that vantage point. I had literally never set foot in their children's section before. I think I had made it as far as the young adult section, but no further. It's a whole other world over there, ruled by small children. There's this little cave hideaway thing for them to crawl around in, and a little ampitheater where they can be read to or performed for. And of course, Dr. Seuss has his own little section. We picked up their last copy of "Green Eggs and Ham" along with several books from the Little Golden Books series, which we will be reading to Ashley's stomach for the next few months, and then reading directly to our little cabbage once he or she has made his or her way out here into the world with the rest of us.

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