Saturday, April 23, 2005

Get out of my mind!

For some reason I got the song "Dare to be Stupid" by Weird Al Yankovich stuck in my head. For those not in the know, it goes something like:

Put down the chainsaw and listen to me
It's time for you to join in the fight
It's time to let your babies grow up to be cowboys
It's time to let the bedbugs bite
You better..
something something something -eaver
Something on your couch and watch Leave it to Beaver
The future's up to you
So whatchoo gonna do?
Doooo. Dare to be stupid.

You could something something something
You could just give up the ship
You could eat a lot of sushi then forget to leave a tip

And on and on and so forth. I don't know if it's a parody of anything, but just imagine lots of quirky 80's keyboards and a fast beat and you've about got it.

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