Thursday, April 21, 2005

Big booming baby beats

Babies in their mama's bellies can hear what's going on.

I read this last night and it blew my hair right back. Around the fourth or fifth month, babies start tuning in to what's going on outside. At first, it's just low frequencies, but then the others start coming in as well. They've done all sorts of experiments on this, revealing yet more amazing cool shit about baby development, everything from babies coming out of the womb being attracted to familiar voices to being calmed down by stories and songs that were read or sung to them repeatedly whilst still in the womb. They've even put microphones inside of pregnant women and realized that the womb is in fact a very noisy place, with all sorts of sounds coming through very clearly, everything from clear voices to music. I read that part over and over a few times.

So of COURSE, this cries out to me to start exposing baby to all sorts of good, stories, of course some quality cinema. I mean come on, if baby can hear just low frequencies at first, I'm thinking perhaps some Cypress Hill? But even more than all of that, I realized that, like it or not, my role as parent has already begun. So's it's Mom's. We're on stage for our little audience of one. If we snip at each other, baby hears it. If we're affectionate, it hears that. Whatever we do, it picks it up.

Wow. That's all I got. Wow.

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