Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Tattoos

So don't get me wrong, I think baby carriers are cool and all. They do make life easier at times, Henry's usually down with being carried around in one, and I definitely admire the ones that The Ash makes herself. The amount of work she puts into them is staggering. She recently got herself this big scary industrial-strength sewing machine that looks like it could put stitches through a steel plate and then blast you with its laser cannon.

Beyond that though, I don't get particularly excited about baby carriers, at least not in the sense of them as fashion accessories. The exception is this here mei-tei that The Ash made for me:

Ash refers to this design as the "Austin Edition", but I prefer to call it the "Drunken Sailor Goes Under The Needle." Whatever the name, I can't wait to wear this thing, and that's the first time I think I've actually said that about a baby carrier. And you know, I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about this design that makes me feel especially pro-breastfeeding.
What could it be?


Whit said...

That should give you some street cred.

Jonathon said...

The thing to remember is: the BABY is the fashion accessory.

Carol said...

LOL! You are gonna look phat wearing that!