Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No Todd, I don't want to die, but I'm still coming to your show

Which is just another way of saying that I'm going to be seeing these guys in March:

You have to admire a band that can put out just two major releases, break up, reunite every now and then to do a few sold out shows, and then go back to whatever the hell it is that ex-Toadies do when they're not being Toadies. I guess when you kick enough ass that you basically put your stamp on the term "Texas rock n' roll", you get to do that kind of thing. People keep referring to this as their "Pay The Bills" tour, to which I say, so what? This will be my second time to see these clowns, I never actually saw them when they were officially together. I only caught 'em before on their "We're-Broken-Up-But-First-We're-Doin-This-Tour" tour, but damn if they didn't rock the hell out of La Zona Rosa, broken up or not. They're playing at Stubb's BBQ this time, and I've never seen a disappointing show there. I've never actually had the barbecue at Stubb's, but when I saw Public Enemy play, Flava Flav ordered ribs from the stage and they actually brought him out a plate full.

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Whit said...

Daaaaaaamn Boooooyyyyyy-ee!