Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Soiling of the Bibs

Ya know, I really thought that negotiating gruel-like substances into the mouth of a squirmy little baby using nothing more than a spoon and whatever marksmanship I posess was going to be one of those parenting tasks that I just didn't like. But we've started incorporating a bit of it slowly, ever so slowly, into Henry's diet, and I'll be dadblamed, but it's working. And I'm enjoying it. I think the Ash and I hit upon a stroke of brilliance last night in our campaign. It just so happens we were having tomato soup, homemade by the Ash, modeled after that crack-laced tomato soup substance thing they have at La Madelaine, except with less butter and zero crack. With little dude focused intently on our every movement, me and the Mom fed each other spoonfuls of soup, the recipient gladly accepting the bite with a big smile of glee. After our little demo, little dude seems to have become something of a pro in the art of gruel ingestion.

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