Saturday, April 22, 2006

Looks less like a sunburned Winston Churchill now

What a difference six months makes:

wrinklybest baby pic ever

It's nuts to think that as soon as Henry was born, we were analyzing his features at a microscopical level to see who he looked like. I look at those pics now and he just looks sorta squished. And tired. And pissed. Definitely pissed.

In other news, The Empty Bowl opened last night. Things I can say about this particular opening night with absolute certainty:

- It went well. Very well in fact. Some might say great. There were a few imperfections, sure, but we really only threw those in to let the audience know that we were in fact human and not robot actors. It's a serious concern amongst Austin fringe theatergoers.

- I and my fellow cast members are very glad to have it behind us. We been stressin' yo.

- I'm glad the intense rehearsal period is over, as is The Ash, so's I can spend some time at home again. Being in a play is great, but so's being family guy.

And tonight's the opening night party, with some hip-hop group called The Arab League playing the post-play party. I'm curious to see these guys in action. Oh there will definitely be hipping, and there will most certainly be hopping.

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