Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Scouting and peas and carrots!

Not kiddie porn, mind you. Just porn. Many a young lad has peeped many a naked lass in the glossy pages of a magazine carefully snuck to camp in the folds of a sleeping bag. If you don't know this, then you don't know young boys. Except I'm forgetting the gay scouts aren't I? I assume they brought their own mags. So about a billion people, by which I mean four or five, sent me the recent story about the sick fuck former BSA official who got caught with child porn. You write one little play about sick fuck boy scouts and suddenly everybody thinks you're interested in sick fuck scouting types. Look at this sick fucker:

Could they have possibly picked a creepier looking photo of him? You can practically hear the sinister laughter, almost hear him saying "I have pictures of young boys doing ever-so-unscoutlike things on my computer, would you like to see them? I'll give you a merit badge!" Of course, I first saw this picture under the headline, "Ex-Boy Scout official faces child porn charges." I suppose if the headline had read, "Kindly old elf-man risks life to save school children from elephant stampede" we might read his expression a bit differently.

I myself was an Eagle Scout, a fact which I am quite proud of. In fact, if you look real closely in the pics from my last post, you can see my Eagle medal hanging on the wall. I enjoyed my time in the boy scouts. Had I not been in scouts, there's no way I would have gone camping as much as I did as a young'un, I wouldn't have learned all my nifty outdoor skills, I wouldn't have had any of the awesome experiences that I had during my summers working as a camp counsellor (the badassest job ever), and I wouldn't have met a lot of really cool people. What I'm saying is that it's an organization that does a lot of good for a lot of boys.

But then there's fuckers like this that muck the whole thing up. I'm willing to bet that this same boy-lusting bastard is of the same ilk that publicly states that homosexuals should not be allowed into the B.S.A. "to protect our youth and uphold the B.S.A.'s moral code." Hypocrisy runs deep with these types. Yes, I know I'm being judgemental, but I find little cause for merciful language when it comes to something as evil, yes, evil, as child pornography. I'm just glad that he was not in a position to be in direct contact with kids.

If I have a boy, I still don't know if I would want to put him in boy scouts. I hope I figure it out by the time he's old enough. More than that, I hope the scouts change a few things.

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