Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I work with some gross people

I'm sure that most everybody has gross people at their know, that dude who's well known for high volume farts or that chick whose va-jayjay odor surrounds her cubicle, or the folks who just look and smell nasty in general and you don't want to get anywhere too near them. But it seems that my office has more than its fair share of gross people per capita. It's really not fair, to me or to you. You folks who don't have enough gross people at your work need to come get some of the ones in my office. We got the gas passers, the non hand washers, the stank cooch odor emanators, the toilet seat pissers, you take your pick. Really folks, you're missing out, and we got plenty to offer so come on down! Shit, I've even witnessed our CEO walk out of the bathroom without stopping to wash his hands.

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